KDP Select ~ An experiment

KDPThis past weekend, I enrolled DEAD TREES in KDP exclusively (KDP-select) which allows me to use 5 days out of each month as FREE PROMO days to increase readership and thusly, hopefully, receive honest reviews.

I immediately took advantage of two FREE PROMO days this past weekend and gave away 488 copies of my debut novel. I have received two new reviews – both very positive: a 4-star and a 5-star rating – already and hope this bodes well for coming days. With the increase in star rating and number of reviews, DEAD TREES has received two purchases and two borrows.

If you’re not familiar with KDP-select, there is a borrower fund that is calculated monthly which allots a certain figure to each time an eligible book is borrowed. These figures are emailed to KDP-select enrolled authors in a monthly newsletter. Here are the figures from February:

“You can earn more money and reach more readers by enrolling your titles in KDP Select. Once enrolled, you will earn a share of the global fund amount every time your book is borrowed from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de and Amazon.fr.

For March, the KDP Select Global Fund amount is $1 million. The total bonus fund amount of $2.2 million, added to the regular monthly fund amount, was earned by authors and publishers during December 2012-February 2013. In the month of February, KDP Select-enrolled authors earned $2.31 each time their books were borrowed.”

Originally, DEAD TREES was published on several sites in eBook format, but honestly, I sold 3 copies on B&N Nook the first month it was published and then… nothing. It has already proven more profitable to stick with Amazon Kindle exclusively, but that has just been my personal experience.

I plan to continue taking advantage of a few promo days per month and hopefully, by the time the sequel to DEAD TREES publishes, I’ll have a steady ‘fan’ base.


If you want extended information on publishing on Kindle:

To learn more about KDP-select:


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