Read2Review – Dead Trees


Hi all,

I’m looking for twenty people (interested in dystopian/SciFi novels with a moderate horror undertone) to participate in a R2R promotion for Dead Trees.


A scientist mommy battling beasties better be handy with a scalpel.

Elise Swanson is trying to give her daughters a decent childhood. This should be a simple task, but the invading undergrounders – subterranean humanoids that have existed since the dawn of mankind – make outdoor playtime a tad tricky.

After fleeing Georgia and surviving six months of bumbling self-sufficiency, Elise and her daughters meet Jason. He’s tough and nature-savvy. Pit stop fights with beasties define the survival-road that the four companions navigate. The bloody pavement finally ends in Washington State at a government safe zone where the trekkers hope to build a stationary life.

A little rest and rehab would be nice, but Elise is quickly led down a path of research and deception where humanity’s future isn’t a priority. She becomes leader of a secret plan and long nights in the lab keep her busy. She strives to destroy the undergrounders and the life of an underhuman crossbreed hangs in the balance.

Haphazardly conceived and manufactured, the H2H (Humanoid-to-Human) chromosome-targeting nanotech has a small probability of success, but Elise has to believe it will work. Hour by hour, she becomes less confident and more emotionally compromised by the rapidly growing, stunning underhuman. Her maternal nature leads to a late-night escapade resulting in a platinum-haired, third daughter and a million uncertainties.

Fleeing her home, Elise had two loved ones to shelter. That number has risen. When the not-so-safe zone is invaded by beasties, she will save her family… no matter the consequences.

DEAD TREES is a 111k word, mature-reader Dystopian that weaves horror, levity, and science. Underneath the layers of storyline, a simple core exists – the limitless distance a mother will go to protect her children, both physically and mentally.

Those requesting to participate- please email me directly at or send a signup request on my website (go to the MORE tab and UPCOMING EVENTS. Here you will find the R2R signup)

In exchange for a free .mobi or PDF copy of Dead Trees (I can make arrangements for a different file format if necessary), participating readers will commit to read the book in a timely manner (1-2 weeks) and post honest reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon. Participating readers will also acknowledge in writing that the provided copy of the book will not be shared or distributed to others.

Before signing-up, please understand that Dead Trees does have some violence, mild language, and is more along the lines of dystopian Dark SciFi. It also features a strong female lead with a secondary MC male. You can read a sample on before deciding to participate.

Eli Constant
@Author_EliC (Twitter)

Dead Trees (2012), DRAG.N (2013)
upcoming: Tears of Chios (2013), Dark Wombs (2013)


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