Authors Supporting Our Troops Postage Drive In St Louis!

So thrilled to be a part of ASOT 2014 with Armand Rosamilia at the helm.


I want to thank Margie Colton and Jerry Benns for all the support and help with the Authors Supporting Our Troops event I’ve organized. It’s amazing the outpouring of ideas and support I’ve received… when I put this together I knew I’d have a good amount of authors willing to donate books, but I had no idea just how many… and in only the second full week of collecting author-signed books, over 500 books have been shipped to me. I am grateful for those who are non-authors or authors who want to do more and are collecting and donating money to help offset the massive cost to ship these books. I am humbled and honored to know all these wonderful people who have taken their time to help me – 

Armand Rosamilia

photo (2)

Postage Drive

In a town south of St. Louis Missouri, the Hillsboro R-3 School District is organizing an…

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