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Claire C Riley


Today’s post is not so much about pimping out a fellow author’s books.

Sure, I could go on for pages and pages about why you should buy Claire C Riley’s books and read them- read them like your life depended on them, but I’m not going to do that today (besides, in the coming weeks as she nears her release of Odium II, I’ll be pimping Claire out like crazy- like cheap coke floating around a crack alley in the slums of a dirty city ruined by political corruption, sex, lies, and rampant gang activity).

No, right now I want to concentrate on Claire C Riley the person- the wife, the mother, the pup-lover.

This woman is a literal superhero (And, yes, she’s also a ‘literary’ superhero, but we aren’t concentrating on that today).

She’s a domestic queen- vacuuming three house flights, making dinner, cleaning dishes, bathing ‘Nudge’ (her youngest daughter, Lilah, and yes, that’s the sweetest nickname I’ve ever heard. Like- I can’t help but see a pregnant, red-haired Claire walking around, patting her swollen tummy and marveling at the little person nudging her insides), doing homework with ‘Boo’ (her eldest daughter Rebecca) and snapping photos as a very silly ‘Bubs’ (her middle daughter, Abbie) twirls. Somehow, this woman finds time to have a job, keep house (I’m sure John helps… right, Claire?), be the best wife and mother possible and write.

Nearly every night (except Saturdays, because that’s cozy time with the hubby), Claire finishes all of her daily things, living sunlight hours to the very fullest, and then, when night has fallen and her little ‘monsters’ are sleeping soundly, she pulls up to her computer- which normally sits at the kitchen table. Behind where she sits, family rules are posted in bright colors on the wall, a reminder of the people she’s working so hard for, and she begins to tap away at her keyboard, concocting the most brilliant, involved, reimagined tales of horror and paranormal romance that one could ever hope to read.

I won’t tell you to run out and purchase her books, but if you don’t, you’re missing out on something truly extraordinary- the fascinating, beautiful imaginings of a woman that is as well-rounded and handsomely crafted as the stories she writes.

Fortunate is not strong enough a word to describe the way I feel about being Claire’s friend. She makes me laugh, laugh so hard I cry sometimes; she makes me feel confident in myself, always offering encouragement when I’m feeling down; she stands up for me against naysayers and is brutally honest when she needs to be. It’s hard to remember a time when we weren’t friends.


FIND OUT MORE ABOUT CLAIRE: |… | \… | @ClaireCRiley

Claire is the author of:

Odium | Odium Origins | Limerence | Contributor to anthologies: Fusion, Horror Novel Reviews & Let’s Scare Cancer To Death



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