All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait


All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait


May 2nd was the scheduled release of “Dead Trees 2,” Eli Constant’s follow up to her successful debut novel, “Dead Trees.” Regretfully, this date will be moved back in order to deliver the best book possible for the fans of the series. The cover art is complete and fantastic, the story is written, and first read-throughs are in progress. With the anticipation of “Dead Trees 2” building, Eli wants to make sure that the final product is the quality readers have come to expect from her novels.

In order to meet high expectations, Eli has brought on board M.L. Colton Editorial Services to assist with polishing the story. Working with an editor is a new experience for Eli and she’s finding the process enjoyable. She has also realized that doing things correctly the first time around requires more time and extensive, collaborative efforts.

In addition to the social media release event, copies of “Dead Trees 2” will be read and reviewed in advance of the new release date as part of the expanded marketing campaign. These ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) participants are waiting in the wings for their pre-release copies to arrive.

Attention to detail is important to most authors. Eli Constant wishes to give existing and new fans alike the best possible story addition to her flagship series. With this thought completely embraced, the release date has been moved back to May 30, 2014.

While waiting for “Dead Trees 2” to hit the book store shelves, check out these other titles by Eli Constant: “Dead Trees”, “Mastic”, and “DRAG.N”.



Cosmo Constant Books

On behalf of Eli Constant & M.L. Colton Editorial Services

cosmo constant


Please remember to join the release party for “Dead Trees 2” on Facebook:

DT Promo Poster with Delayed Date


*Sincere thanks to both Jerry Benns and Margie Colton for helping me not only write this press release, but also come to the ultimately smart decision to delay my book publication. Better to do things correctly the first time around and I’m very excited to present a beautifully edited, polished product*





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