My Writing Process – Blog Tour

Blog Tour Day!

My very first Blog Tour, where writers and authors answer questions about their own personal writing and creative processes! My author friend, Rhonda Hopkins, tagged me last Monday. You can read about her process here:

Read on if you’re brave enough… to get inside the mind of Eli constant.




What am I working on? I am always working on multiple projects. The sequel to my debut novel “Dead Trees” is due out end of May and I’m furiously working with M.L. Colton Editorial Services to get it in the best shape possible. Aside from that, I’m working on stories for two anthologies- “Fading Hope” (spearheaded by author Jack Wallen) & a three-author anthology “The Murderous Campbells” (with Claire C Riley & Ken Mooney). As for upcoming projects for 2014: “Z Children” (a zombie origin story from five perspectives), “CON-troll” (the next installment in the “DRAG.N” line), & more!

How does my work differ from others of its genre? I’m an unsettled sort of writer- flitting between genres, infusing varied elements into one storyline. I tend to think that my work is a true fusion of elements. As for my horror writing- I like to think of it as elegant horror, not gory sensationalism.

Why do I write what I do? I write whatever hits me and begs to be written. “Dead Trees” started out as ramblings on my cell phone and plagued my mind for months until I started writing. “Mastic” started when I ran across the spice of the same name in a holistic grocery store bin. “DRAG.N” was my need to say something pertinent about the world around me.

How does your writing process work? I don’t plan every detail of a story. I have a beginning in mind, a punch in the gut (or several, and an end goal. How my characters get to each point is totally up to them.

My life is not as hectic as some, but having a house to keep up, bills, a hound dog and a raucous (beautiful and bright) toddler definitely eat into writing time. So I have to set aside the evening time- after my darling has gone to bed- to write my little heart out. I tend to drink tea by the gallon-full (Hot Earl Grey with lots of sugar and cream). I’m not a coffee person, but love chocolate-covered espresso beans!

I’m a slow writer- laboring over paragraphs here and there, trying to get it exactly right the first time. Many times, I feel like I’d be better to race through, get everything out in one creative rush, but that’s so hard for me. The way I write though, means that the first draft is more like a second draft (even a third sometimes). I love my beta readers though- they always pinpoint areas that still need tweaking.

Something that REALLY aids my process now is having M.L. Colton Editorial Services in my corner. Margie is wonderful, with a great eye for every little detail that makes a story read cleanly and engagingly.

Thank you so much for hopping onto my blog and reading this post! Next Monday, please head over to Tonia Brown’s blog ( & Angela Carina Barry’s Facebook page ( to read a bit about their own personal processes and quirks!! Thanks for stopping by and reading my post!!  You can check out the writing processes of







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