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A Special Monday Edition of – Authors are People Too =)


Up until now, I’ve stuck with authors that I’m emotionally & personally thick-as-thieves with; highlighting folks that I’ve had deep-seated conversations with, talks rooted in reality (and sometimes fantasy). This next author is a more recent friendship ‘acquisition.’ So far, I’ve found her to be a giving, dedicated and personable gal. Course, as I get to know her better, you may read a special blog on the ‘many twisted faces of Angela Carina Barry,’ but I doubt it- unless I’m doing a special edition write-up on LARPing and Angela’s cast of quirky role-playing characters and imaginings (now, that’s a distinct possibility since I’m always scrambling for blog ideas).

Angela Carina Barry  


I met Angela during the EYHO (Eat Your Heart Out) Event this past Valentines’ Day 2014. Read more about it here (and keep track of upcoming events)


She was, among other things, in charge of scheduling the EYHO showcase with radio host Jackie Chin (Zombiepalooza Radio | Jackie Chin, Dead Door, KR Chin). It was a stressful endeavor- back-and-forth with authors, the host, setting up a schedule, folks dropping out, folks almost dropping out (guilty as charged). Angela and I started chatting during this time- her yanking her hair out and me attempting to release a bit of the ballooning pressure, pulling the end of the (I like to think of it as a big red balloon) balloon into a thin line so the air squeezed out in a horrendous, ear-bleeding hiss- annoying other EYHO participants, but giving Angela a little levity in the chaos.


We heard each other’s voices for the first time on Jackie’s show- she instantly put me at ease (I was scared witless) and Jackie did too, but knowing that Angela was going to be dual hosting was the biggest reason I didn’t chicken out at the last minute. She helped me find my radio courage. Sure, it’s a small courage- nothing in light of service men and missionaries abroad, but it’s still a type of meaningful bravery.


I’m not sure how Angela ‘remembers’ our meeting- whether with fondness or a resounding ‘dear god, I can’t believe that girl is still messaging me on Facebook!’ For my part, I remember the meeting with fondness =)



So, as in past ‘Authors are People’ interviews, I asked Angela to provide me with a personal statement and factoids. Reading the info below, I already feel like I know Angela better (although, I’m rethinking writing that ‘many faces of Angela Barry’ blog).

Personal note: “What man sees, he loves, and what he loves, he will never allow to pass away.” -Angela Carina Barry

They say you shouldn’t quote yourself, but who’s going to if you don’t let them know what you’ve said? It has to start somewhere. Likewise writing, if you want to write, you have to start somewhere. I wrote up characters and notes for games long before I started penning poems, and writing stories. But I didn’t see writing as being a career for myself, outside of maybe publishing in journals. And I don’t think I could have started seriously writing before now. I wasn’t in the right headspace for it.

But I will tell you a secret, or even three about writing. One: Learning to write is like learning to use a register, or learning to do any other job. It actually takes time to get the discipline down. No one ever tells you this. But it’s what I discovered. You have to build up the neural pathways for the new task you want your brain to do. So don’t give up right away, and do whatever writing you can. My first published piece was a haiku. Now I’ve got full-length novels on my hands. Two: You don’t have to write every day. But if you aren’t well-disciplined, you may want to. I don’t do it like that. I will write intensely for 8-12 hours or even up to 16 hours as I approach a deadline. But when I’m done, I’M DONE for at least a couple of weeks. My style is intensive and I have to completely break away from it. Others need to write two paragraphs a day, every day, or a chapter five times a week. It doesn’t matter, as long as you keep going back and writing. It’s okay to find your own rhythm. Three: Plot all you want, the characters will do what they want. It’s true. Sometimes you feel like you are more like a field reporter than the author. When things are going well, you’re just along for the ride. But it’s a great ride and I recommend anyone try it.


*Born in Flint, Michigan

*Loved animal shows and cartoons equally as a kid

*In kindergarten told the class she wanted to be an Animal Rescue Worker.

*Can draw animals and dinosaurs well, but not really people or cars

*Was in Honors Biology in high school

*Did vocal training at the Flint Institute of Music

*Loves “Aria” by Yanni and wanted to perform it someday.

*Is the vocalist you want on your Rock Band/Guitar Hero team unless it is a metal tune or The Cars

*Usually prefers to listen to music when writing that fits the mood of the characters or the book

*Graduated from Lake Superior State University with a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Management.

*Is married to author Robert W. Barry

*Started writing because of her husband’s help and encouragement

*Also started writing because she couldn’t LARP for a long period

*Has run up to 80 people before in a live-action role-playing game at a convention and was well known enough for her story-telling that they knew about her in 2 states.

*Still likes LARPing. (So, if you want a pick-up game…)

*Believes that Triceratops and Pterodactyls rule.

*Her favorite animal is the Griffin.

*Her favorite real animal is the Snow Leopard.

*Her favorite extinct animal is the Painted Vulture.

*Knows how to raise baby parrots.

*Likes animals a lot, can you tell?

*Loves to read fantasy, but winds up writing horror and romance currently.

*Wonders if there is a name for this condition.

*Favorite movie is Lady Hawke.

*Tends to have a pretty hair-trigger temper. Tries to warn people, but no one believes it until it is too late. (Do not rile the Carina. It goes very badly. Offer chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Always a good plan.)

*Values honesty and integrity in people highly.

*Has saved at least 2 people’s lives but probably won’t talk about it.

*Has plotted with a friend to get her friend’s dad a chicken as a birthday gift. Will definitely talk about it.

*Wanted to work at a zoo and help save animals.

*Instead, sells games, Japanese anime, writes, and designs games.

*Can be seen at a lot of Michigan conventions in the dealer’s rooms.

Upcoming works include:   “Love at the End of all Things”, “Lost Heroes 2: Osprey’s Tale” and “Lost Heroes 2: Firefly’s Tale”

Available Titles featuring Angela:


Thank you for sharing, Angela. I look forward to many years of getting to know you better. You’re quite a gal and quite a talent.



(Angela riding a dinosaur? Yeah… that’s right. She did that) =)



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