The State of Horror Anthologies- SoH: Illinois & SoH: New Jersey (Charon Coin Press)


Charon Coin Press Presents:

The State of Horror Anthologies- SoH: Illinois & SoH: New Jersey


On April 15th of this year, Charon Coin Press- brainchild of Editor Jerry Benns- announced the official acquisition of Rymfire Books’ State of Horror Anthologies (along with several other Rymfire Book previously-published works).

Before the Charon Coin Press’ acquisition, I had submitted stories for both SoH: Illinois & SoH: New Jersey through Rymfire. I was already excited about State of Horror, but CC Press taking over heightened my excitement. I know this Press will do a phenomenal job! It’s such an inspired idea to begin with also. Not only does it showcase the uniqueness of each state, it showcases the talent from each state. It’s a wonderful combination to take writers who are passionate- about a hometown, U.S. landmark, tourist destination, or particular town- and let that passion work in tandem with individual author talents and prowess with word composition. The results are sometimes unusual, sometimes ‘reimagined’ norms, and so far, totally enthralling. I’m truly excited to read more of the stories. As it stands, I’ve only had the pleasure of reading two stories from other SoH authors- one from the New Jersey upcoming Antho & one from the Illinois upcoming Antho. That taste of what Charon Coin Press has chosen, the taste of the SoH Anthologies vision, was enough to keep me on board until the last state closes for submissions.

The cover art truly shows the attention to detail that Charon Coin Press is putting into these anthologies (see below). The chosen artist, Ash Arceneaux, gives me NO DOUBT that each state’s anthology cover will have its own unique characteristics and be truly professional and excitement-worthy.


See some of the awesome talent listed in the upcoming SoH Anthologies TOCs. I’m very proud to have stories in each- “Drowning in the Hazel” (SoH: IL) & “Memories of Her are Dead” (SoH: NJ)

 State of Horror: Illinois Story List

State of Horror: New Jersey Story List

 **Look for these releases this summer 2014**

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If you are an author, visit Charon Coin Press to see the guidelines for the two open SoH states- Louisiana and North Carolina! Beginning of next month, June 1st, CC Press is also opening up the anthology ‘Paying the Ferryman’ for submission, the creative child of Editor M. L. Colton.

























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