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Weight Lifter, Skydiver, VW Super Beetle Lover



My name is Dave Lund. I hail from Texas and am a former Texas “motor-cop.” My family and photography round out my usual day-to-day passions, but post-apocalyptic zombie stories really fire me up. Before my previous stint as a motor-cop, I was a full-time skydiving instructor and competitor (in Canopy Piloting, aka swooping) with over 3,000 skydives. I am no longer an active skydiver so I can focus on my family, photography, and writing.

The characters in the Winchester series comprise some personality composites of people I have known or met in my life, but no character is based on a single real person or even two people combined. They are a complete work of fiction and do not represent any actual people, living or dead. Yes, that includes Bexar! Many of the themes, objects, weapons, tactics, and locations in the Winchester Undead series are pulled from my past and experiences, as many writers are apt to do, including my love of Big Bend National Park in Texas; although I have to admit there is no secret cache site in the small Texas town of Maypearl. At least none that I had any hand in creating. The photo in the background of this post was taken at The Window in Big Bend, and that is my wife sitting in the photo, looking out onto the desert floor. She is sitting on the waterworn smooth rock; just beyond where she is sitting is a drop-off that would be fatal at 220 feet high. The locations in Big Bend are real locations, with some minor artistic license taken, as are the cities and towns visited throughout the book. The jury is still out on the presence of the secret facilities that “Cliff” finds himself in, and the truthfulness of Chemtrails really depends on whom you speak with. If the writing about Cliff’s found Type 2 VW Transporter sounds a little detailed to those not acquainted with air-cooled VWs, that’s due to my love of air-cooled German autos, including the 1973 Superbeetle that I built and drive.

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The Winchester Undead series starts with “Winchester: Over” with Bexar Reed and his family. The Reeds, along with their lifelong friends and fellow preppers, were prepared for the end of the world as we know it. They had thought of nearly every possibility, but they never thought the dead would rise to hunt the living.

After the surprise attack, the mortality rate soars among the population. Their fellow survivors want what Bexar and his group have and will stop at nothing to take it. Meanwhile, across the country, Cliff, a seasoned tactical operator, has a single mission: against all odds, he must ensure the United States of America and its government survives, but first he has to live long enough.



As I have mentioned in my blurb and on my website, I am a former skydiver. Skydiving had to come to a close in my life after the birth of my second child, not for some grand idea of safety, but simply due to logistics and my desire to be a good father and husband (spending time with my family).  My wife is my best friend and my children mean more to me than any hobby or job, so the choice was easy to make.

I jumped actively for 11 years and completed over 3,000 skydives. During that time I did a stent working full time as a skydiving instructor and coach. I completed a bit over 1,500 tandem skydives as the instructor. During those 11 years I experienced 6 canopy (parachute) malfunctions, one of which also ended in a malfunction on the reserve. That was on a tandem skydive and after a few deep breaths I was able to eventually clear the tension knot on the reserve and landed (with my first time jump student) safely. I also competed in Canopy Piloting (swooping) during that time. Competing in the regional level I qualified for the national Canopy Piloting Championship in 2007 and placed high enough to earn a “Pro-Card” and be accepted on the Pro-Swoop Tour. I continued to compete on the national level in the USPA, my last competition being in 2010.



*This is me on the swoop pond at the old Skydive Houston in 2008, on a training jump*

Since giving up skydiving I began competing in Power Lifting (USAPL) and that has been an incredibly rewarding journey. I’m still chasing a 1500-pound competition total. My training personal records so far is 560lbs squat, 435lbs bench and 550lbs deadlift.



*A competition lift of 545lbs in June of 2013*


One thing’s for sure, David Lund is a character I’d truly enjoy meeting in person. His experiences make for a rather interesting read and I can imagine that David’s friends are often drafted into his pursuits- whether it be VW Beetle restoring or skydiving. (Count me in!)

Tune in Wednesday for a special segment of Authors are People with Author Ian McClellan!



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