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Ian McClellan

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Many people know that the 1969 moon landing was faked, but are unaware of the actual circumstances. Find out how the U.S. faked the moon landing to avert the zombie apocalypse as the lives of a disgraced B-movie director, a bar owner, some drunks, an Army Ranger unit, a bunch of gangsters, an affluent but very dysfunctional family, and a few cops come together in One Undead Step.

ian m book cover

One year after Romero shocked the world with Night of the Living Dead, a small city is rocked by grisly killings, the gory details of which are only known through whispered rumors. The government presence that makes the populace all the more nervous is unable to contain the impending threat that grows out of control on a hot, humid night in Mid-July. As the city’s residents fight for their lives, the Military rushes to make a film about two men landing a small spacecraft on the moon. Will their plan work? Find out as an evil man finds redemption, some soldiers choose between their mission and duty, a young couple finds forbidden love, an older couple reignites their passion, and a bartender gets stiffed for lots of drinks in One Undead Step.

Ian McClellan was born in a small harbor town in southwest Ireland. In an effort to be cliche his parents moved the family to New York when he was thirteen. Once a promising up-and-comer in the world of competitive eating, his career was cut short by an ACL injury. He now resides in Florida with his dogs and drives a truck for a living, but is crossing his fingers and hoping his writing career will earn him enough money that he can tell his boss where to stick it.

My bio says I was a competitive eater until I injured my ACL. That’s not true. I thought it was an obvious joke, but a surprising number of people actually ask me about it. I can eat a ton for a regular sized guy. I’ve always gotten a lot of comments about my seemingly endless appetite. One day I started telling folks that I was a competitive eater in college, but tore my ACL and couldn’t go pro. It’s gotten me a few laughs, so I threw it in my bio. Are you not supposed to do that? I still don’t know.

All my underwear have cartoon characters on them. Life’s too short to take your underwear seriously.

I barely watch TV. I love The Walking Dead. Other than that, it’s just cartoons and football. I try to catch the news here and there, but it’s always so depressing.

I have three dogs. It used to be four, but I lost my girl, Sheena, last year. I love putting on zombie make-up and terrorizing Homer, Sputnik, and Riff-Raff. When I was married, I used to joke that every time my wife brought up the idea of having kids, I’d go to the pound and get another dog. I don’t dislike children, but to me they’re like boats and swimming pools- I like having friends that have them.

ian m with dogs

ian m with dog

My wife was big on decorating for the holidays. Me- not so much. One year, I didn’t feel like taking down the Halloween decorations, so I just bought a pilgrim hat and threw it on this zombie/scarecrow thing we had up. After Thanksgiving, I gave him a Santa hat and some Christmas lights. My neighbors look at me kind of weird. That zombie/scarecrow thing eventually became the mascot for Zombie Guide Magazine, which is an e-zine I write for. His name’s Krokodil Phil.

ian m holiday

Hope you like my stuff!



Loved learning more about author Ian McClellan, a fellow with as many layers as a stinky onion… or maybe a Vidalia, the sweet kind… the ones that don’t make you cry (I mean, look at those adorable puppy pics!). Then again, looking at Ian’s idea of Christmas decorations… I think I’m leaning more towards the bright white, odorous, makes you sob sort of onion in the genus Allium.


Friday we have lovely author Stevie Kopas on the blog!


-Eli C.





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