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Armand Rosamilia

Author Superhero with Over 120 Releases, Radio DJ Extraordinaire, Good Samaritan (Authors Supporting Our Troops)


Armand celebrates the release of his 4th installment in his Dying Days Series!

dying days 4

Over 120 releases. The latest is Dying Days 4 in the continuing zombie series (Find on Amazon). Praise for DD4: “I got an advanced reading copy of Dying Days 4. Here’s my honest reaction: I read it all in one evening and had a great time! The pace is fast. The characters are fun though the story has some genuinely scary elements. My favorite character isn’t Darlene, though. I loved the villain. Any enemy that’s so difficult to defeat makes for great heroes and challenging plots. The author is really working here to do something more with zombies than you might expect. I love clever zombie stories with depth. This has that, plus jokes. Best of all for me was the funny dialogue. I like the sense of humor here very much. Looking forward to delving into this series more now that I’ve read #4.” 5* Review on Amazon.


About Armand: Armand Rosamilia is a New Jersey boy currently living in sunny Florida, where he exacts revenge on his enemies and neighbors alike by writing them into his Dying Days zombie series. And not in good ways. He has over 120 releases to date, with more coming. He is also a radio and internet DJ and runs Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Horror Podcast, with interviews from the best authors, etc. in horror. He loves talking in third person. and if you want to chat


Fun Facts About Armand!

1. My name is actually Armando. Family name, first male was always named Armando. I have a cousin Armand Rosamilia on Facebook everyone is always assuming is my secondary or fake account. Kinda funny. I’m much better looking. And my son’s name is James. So there.

2. I would consider myself lazy. I hate doing more than eating and sitting at my desk writing. But I do get dragged out of the house by Special Gal every Tuesday night for a bowling league. I’m not really all that good, but I enjoy the other people on my team and opponents, and I’ve been breaking 100 scores like mad lately.

3. I recently got engaged to Special Gal, who has been so super supportive of my career and letting me sit around in my Big Bang Theory sleep-pants and write instead of doing anything else.

4. The only vice I have is coffee, and recently Death Wish Coffee is the only thing I’ll drink. I’ve been spoiled. It is awesome. I even bought one of their baseball caps to wear. I’m hooked.

5. I have a Bucket List in my head, but it is filled with stuff I will NOT do before I die: skydive, climb a big mountain, smoke pot or do any illegal drug, a triathlon, helicopter ride, have another pet, ride Space Mountain… still working on this list. Someday I’ll write it down.

6. I am a huge Marvel Comic fan (total geek) and not a fan of DC Comics, including most of the movies out. Make mine Marvel.

7. I want to kick the redhead in the Wendy’s food commercials in her uterus.

8. I love Jennifer Aniston chick flicks, which makes Special Gal go bleh whenever I watch them.

9. I hardly ever watch horror movies, especially slasher or really violent ones. I prefer documentaries and watching Red Sox games over anything else.

10. If I see blood in real life I usually pass out.

11. I’ve been blessed with being able to do several things on my life’s wish list: manage bands and meet many music heroes, write a book about wrestling and go behind the scenes, be in a music video, travel all over the country and parts of Europe on a record company’s dime, have my own radio show on FM and one online, start a podcast, travel for many conventions for writing, write movie adaptations and screenplays to get my books made into movies, and become a full-time author. Living the dream. But if I still had things to add to the list? Maybe having a part in a movie. Narrating audiobooks. Meet Kerry King from SLAYER. Lunch with Oprah.

12. I have a crazy amount of wax buildup in my ears. Every day I am constantly cleaning them out and adding drops and running the shower water into them.

13. I want to learn how to play guitar. Not acoustic. I want to wail on an electric guitar at home, when no one else is around. I want to play Pantera and Billy Squier and Iron Maiden songs for my own amusement.


Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out Armand’s work!





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