Zombiepalooza’s 2nd Anniversary Show!

Another year to ‘get your zombie on’…

Join Zombiepalooza Radio as it enters its THIRD YEAR on the air!

Many, many congrats to my friend Jackie Chin and the whole kit-and-caboodle of crazy people involved in this popular radio show!

birthday zombie

About to enter its third year, Zombiepalooza Radio has beaten the odds time and time again; its crew tirelessly focuses and finds ways to keep the beloved show on the air as a true vehicle for the arts, without the intervention of large production companies and the proverbial selling-out.

Please, join the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1496361600624026/ AND tune in tomorrow night (Friday 10/17/2014) for a memorable show! If you get the chance, you can even call in!

Event Message:

Two years of the best that the zombie genre has to offer will be celebrated on the 17th of Shocktober this year as we wish HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY to ZOMBIEPALOOZA RADIO! There will not be a set time for anyone to call in so when you get a minute just call- 330-333-5167 (number to call in). Or use Skype- practicalparanormal

zombiepalooza pic

I’ve posted about this show before, but for those newbies:








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