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Ben has been teaching Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) continually since 1981 when he joined the USAF as a “Survival Instructor”. In that Thirty+ year period, he has taught all aspects of SERE, trained at both domestic and international schools, written SERE doctrine and instruction, researched  and developed cutting edge programs  for dealing with both the psychological and physical challenges of survival, tested new equipment, written numerous papers on equipment and SERE-related disorders, and taught thousands of classes. Ben’s research and program development is the basis for many of the national and international survival schools in operation today. He is a USAF Master SERE Instructor.

Members of the Rangers, Green Berets, Para-rescue, Combat Control, Navy SEALs, Air Force Crew Members and MARSOC have all been his students. Outside the military, he has taught people from the DEA, Local Law Enforcement, Department of Natural Resources, the FBI, and other Federal Agencies. With over 12 years in the disaster mitigation and security fields, his advice on the development of advanced survival systems is irreplaceable and his knowledge of the physical and psychological aspects of both manmade and natural disasters is unparalleled in the survival world.
Z Children: Awakening, written with Eli Constant, is Ben’s first official foray into fictional writing. His technical expertise has proven a valuable asset in the development of plausible situations, appropriate survival responses, and how the world would really operate at the ‘awakening’ of an apocalypse.
Check out Ben’s survival company:

A reader and writer of dark paranormal romances and zombie and apocalyptic horror. I live in the United Kingdom with my three young daughters, husband and one scruffy dog!

Claire is represented by Michelle L. Johnson of Inklings Literary Agency. Her work is best described as the modernization of classic, old-school horror. She fuses multi-genre elements to develop storylines that pay homage to cult-classics while still feeling fresh and cutting-edge. She writes characters that are realistic and she kills them without mercy.

Claire’s website: Claire C Riley
Ivan Amberlake is an urban fantasy writer whose debut novel “The Beholder” was selected for review by HarperCollins on December 1, 2011. He is currently working on Book 2 of The Beholder series called “Path of the Heretic” and a YA Horror/Fantasy called “Diary of the Gone”. Ivan has a Masters Degree in Linguistics and works as a teacher. His greatest passion is writing.


*December 2012 to March 2013 – One of the “TOP 100 MOST POPULAR AMAZON KINDLE AUTHORS” in Sci-Fi*

Mike Lee lives and works in Denver, Colorado, as a psychotherapist. He started writing letters to the editor in local newspapers shortly after graduate school, and was pleasantly surprised when they occasionally were run as guest columns. Later, he was solicited to write articles on psychology for a woman’s magazine in Bulgaria. He began writing fiction in 2010, and found he enjoyed it. Now he writes fiction whenever his private psychology practice affords him the time. He can be reached at MikeLeeStories@gmail.com, and is always happy to hear from readers. The dog in the photo is his good friend and constant companion, Dotty.


Ken Mooney is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, living in Dublin, Ireland. He is the author of Godhead, The Little Book of the End of the World, and more.


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