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Release Day Blitz!


Dead Trees Book 1 on sale @ $1.99

Dead Trees Book 2 @ $3.49

Set: Book 1 & 2 + Bonus Short Story (“Day of Amarok”) @ $4.49

Paperback: full price, available next week



Release Information: “Dead Trees 2” is the sequel to Eli Constant’s debut book, “Dead Trees”. Fans of the series include- Claire C. Riley (Odium Series, Limerence), Jerry Benns (Editor/Owner Charon Coin Press), Author TW Brown (The Dead Series, That Ghoul Ava) & more.

Book Blurb:

Two years of peace in a primitive setting can make anyone forget a past full of science, beasties, and blood.


On the day of her son’s birth, the past invades the Yukon valley where Elise and her family reside and they are once again forced to travel survival-road. The General has found her… tracked her across the miles. Elise is his obsession; he wants her for reasons beyond comprehension.


H2H was supposed to be the answer, but the world’s ‘savior’ has created a new pack of demons. The Rippers, beasties on steroids. Wild undergrounders are a mild nightmare in comparison.

Thankfully, humanity has an ace up its sleeves.

The question is: This time, when a new solution for saving humanity is put into action, what will the consequences be?

Watch the: DT2 Trailer

Book Excerpt:

Cocking my head, I was able to see the beastie pounce, its body perfectly positioned to mount mine and slam me to the ground.

I fluidly rolled, tucking the pickaxe into my body and avoiding the unsharpened point. The undergrounder hit the forest floor where I’d just been crouching. In a flash, I was on my knees, my weapon raised above my head. The beastie also rolled, but towards me, not away. Like the proverbial window of opportunity, I knew it was my time to strike. The beastie realized it too, a screech escaping its mouth as it saw my weapon raised high. The monster took an instant too long to move out of my way. Hesitation will kill you.

With both hands gripping the handle, I brought the pickaxe down. The weight of the weapon’s head combined with gravity increased the velocity of the fall, amplifying the force. When the pickaxe made contact with the very center of its chest, a bone-busting crack shot like gun fire through our surroundings.

The undergrounder’s rib cage was split apart, the cavity opening like a clamshell to reveal internal organs. The heart was still beating wildly, pumping blood to an injured body. I reveled in the sight.

My right hand, of its own volition, moved from the pickaxe handle toward that moving, thumping heart. It was warm in my hands, fluttering. I squeezed.

I squeezed.

The sack formed of myocardium muscle burst in my hands, spraying my face with warmth, getting into my hanging-open mouth. And when I contemplated eating its brain, I knew myself in the darkest places, the mental rooms in my mind that housed nightmares and ghouls. Half-beastie. Fully-realized.

I was frozen in horror, my human-self flooding into my mind and tossing out the beast. No intelligence could bear under the weight of such psychological turmoil.

The curtain of beasties had fallen, the path was open.

More undergrounders would come, attracted to the smell of blood, ready to eat, ready to consume the banquet of flesh memory we’d provided.

*Haven’t read Dead Trees 1 yet? Get Book 1 & 2 in the Dead Trees Book Set with Bonus Story*


Author Bio:

Eli Constant is a genre-jumping detail junkie, obsessed with the nature of humanity. She believes that there is beauty at the core of most everything, but that truly unredeemable characters create the best stories. Eli is the author of “Dead Trees,” “Dead Trees 2,” “Mastic,” “DRAG.N” and is a contributor to the charity anthology “Let’s Scare Cancer to Death.” (LSCtD: TW Brown, Editor | MayDecember Publications) | 100% sales proceeds go to the V Foundation, a leader in cancer research for the past twenty years).

Her works-in-progress include the final book in the Dead Trees Trilogy, a 3-author anthology exploring the psychosis of serial killers, a 6-author anthology exploring humanity in the face of hopelessness, the second companion novel to DRAG.N, and a zombie origins novel (this last work in progress comes as a huge surprise to Eli; she honestly thought she’d never write about zombies, but somehow, she fell down the zombie hole and couldn’t crawl out, or rather, didn’t want to crawl out). Keep posted on these upcoming publications by following Eli on social media (links below bio).


While completing coursework at USC-L, Columbia College, TAMU-CC, and George Mason University, Eli enjoyed a varied course load, but finally settled on Biology and focused on a career in lab research. She spent time in Texas volunteering at Flour Bluff Shrimp Mariculture Lab [and being paid in Pink Hawaiian Shrimp- which was, in a word, delicious.] and also spent time at NIH participating in an Animal Research Program in the Infectious Disease Dept. It took two years working in Histology/Pathology in Sterling, VA for Eli to realize she wanted to be a writer. She is still very interested in the Sciences and hopes to use her background knowledge effectively within her stories.

Eli lives in Virginia with her husband and two daughters. She is surrounded by battlefield country, farmland, and lakes. Currently, she spends her days being a devoted mother and, of course, writing. Eli feels fortunate that her marriage is one of real love and she thinks her children are the coolest people in the world. She also feels so lucky to have an extended family that is ever present with encouragement and kind words. Her other interests include art with a focus on charcoal medium, walking her American Foxhound Dottie, eating egg-drop, wonton soup from the local delivery place, and watching low-budget Sci-Fi movies with her awesome family.

Eli’s Social & Website Links | Twitter | Facebook | Books on Amazon | Goodreads | WordPress



My Writing Process – Blog Tour

Blog Tour Day!

My very first Blog Tour, where writers and authors answer questions about their own personal writing and creative processes! My author friend, Rhonda Hopkins, tagged me last Monday. You can read about her process here:

Read on if you’re brave enough… to get inside the mind of Eli constant.




What am I working on? I am always working on multiple projects. The sequel to my debut novel “Dead Trees” is due out end of May and I’m furiously working with M.L. Colton Editorial Services to get it in the best shape possible. Aside from that, I’m working on stories for two anthologies- “Fading Hope” (spearheaded by author Jack Wallen) & a three-author anthology “The Murderous Campbells” (with Claire C Riley & Ken Mooney). As for upcoming projects for 2014: “Z Children” (a zombie origin story from five perspectives), “CON-troll” (the next installment in the “DRAG.N” line), & more!

How does my work differ from others of its genre? I’m an unsettled sort of writer- flitting between genres, infusing varied elements into one storyline. I tend to think that my work is a true fusion of elements. As for my horror writing- I like to think of it as elegant horror, not gory sensationalism.

Why do I write what I do? I write whatever hits me and begs to be written. “Dead Trees” started out as ramblings on my cell phone and plagued my mind for months until I started writing. “Mastic” started when I ran across the spice of the same name in a holistic grocery store bin. “DRAG.N” was my need to say something pertinent about the world around me.

How does your writing process work? I don’t plan every detail of a story. I have a beginning in mind, a punch in the gut (or several, and an end goal. How my characters get to each point is totally up to them.

My life is not as hectic as some, but having a house to keep up, bills, a hound dog and a raucous (beautiful and bright) toddler definitely eat into writing time. So I have to set aside the evening time- after my darling has gone to bed- to write my little heart out. I tend to drink tea by the gallon-full (Hot Earl Grey with lots of sugar and cream). I’m not a coffee person, but love chocolate-covered espresso beans!

I’m a slow writer- laboring over paragraphs here and there, trying to get it exactly right the first time. Many times, I feel like I’d be better to race through, get everything out in one creative rush, but that’s so hard for me. The way I write though, means that the first draft is more like a second draft (even a third sometimes). I love my beta readers though- they always pinpoint areas that still need tweaking.

Something that REALLY aids my process now is having M.L. Colton Editorial Services in my corner. Margie is wonderful, with a great eye for every little detail that makes a story read cleanly and engagingly.

Thank you so much for hopping onto my blog and reading this post! Next Monday, please head over to Tonia Brown’s blog ( & Angela Carina Barry’s Facebook page ( to read a bit about their own personal processes and quirks!! Thanks for stopping by and reading my post!!  You can check out the writing processes of






All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait


All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait


May 2nd was the scheduled release of “Dead Trees 2,” Eli Constant’s follow up to her successful debut novel, “Dead Trees.” Regretfully, this date will be moved back in order to deliver the best book possible for the fans of the series. The cover art is complete and fantastic, the story is written, and first read-throughs are in progress. With the anticipation of “Dead Trees 2” building, Eli wants to make sure that the final product is the quality readers have come to expect from her novels.

In order to meet high expectations, Eli has brought on board M.L. Colton Editorial Services to assist with polishing the story. Working with an editor is a new experience for Eli and she’s finding the process enjoyable. She has also realized that doing things correctly the first time around requires more time and extensive, collaborative efforts.

In addition to the social media release event, copies of “Dead Trees 2” will be read and reviewed in advance of the new release date as part of the expanded marketing campaign. These ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) participants are waiting in the wings for their pre-release copies to arrive.

Attention to detail is important to most authors. Eli Constant wishes to give existing and new fans alike the best possible story addition to her flagship series. With this thought completely embraced, the release date has been moved back to May 30, 2014.

While waiting for “Dead Trees 2” to hit the book store shelves, check out these other titles by Eli Constant: “Dead Trees”, “Mastic”, and “DRAG.N”.



Cosmo Constant Books

On behalf of Eli Constant & M.L. Colton Editorial Services

cosmo constant


Please remember to join the release party for “Dead Trees 2” on Facebook:

DT Promo Poster with Delayed Date


*Sincere thanks to both Jerry Benns and Margie Colton for helping me not only write this press release, but also come to the ultimately smart decision to delay my book publication. Better to do things correctly the first time around and I’m very excited to present a beautifully edited, polished product*





Just a quick announcement!

In anticipation of the release of “Dead Trees 2”, “Dead Trees 1” is on sale this weekend- starting today! Get your copy for only $0.99! Sale ends Sunday at midnight.


Dead Trees:


Subterranean humanoids, existing since the dawn of man, arose from the belly of the planet. Humanity was unprepared. The undergrounders came with nails and claws and speed to kill people in the night, dragging bodies downward into dark tunnels teeming with rabid life. Civilization is now a ghost of yesterday and the remaining humans fight for survival.

One thing’s for sure- a scientist mommy battling beasties better be handy with a scalpel. 

Elise Swanson is a widow and mother. She fights and prays that she can keep her little, broken family safe. She drives and drives, day after day, trying to escape a threat that seems… inescapable. Her hope fades, food is scarce and she watches her eldest daughter’s attempts to soothe the younger babe. Then she meets Jason- a father mourning the loss of his son, masking his pain with bravado and charm. He’s strong, despite his sadness, and love re-grows within him. Weeks pass and Jason’s singular desire becomes the continued safety of Elise and her daughters.

Bloody fights with beasties define the survival-road the companions travel. Even a few moments of safety and relaxation elude the group; time and time again, Elise must kiss her children goodbye, just in case tomorrow never arrives.

Against all odds, they reach a government safe zone. Even there, Elise finds that there’s no rest for the weary.

Doctors O’Toole and Peters have been studying the beasties under lock and key, trying to find an answer, but the doctors aren’t interested in saving humanity. Forced to lead two lives, Elise assists the good doctors in their pursuits while working secretly in sublevel lab 8 with her own team, Nick and Jamie. Their combined knowledge may be the key- the only hope humanity has of reclaiming the planet from the beasties. As long as they can keep their research secret, safe from O’Toole and Peters, they might discover the way home, the formula to click Dorothy’s sparkling red shoes three times and begin to recreate Earth as it was… before the humanoids came out to play on the surface. 

What will happen when Elise, a neural engineer, Jamie, a medical researcher, and Nick, a computer wizard, are humanity’s best hope? The answer might be surprising. Wrapped up in all the uncertainty, violence, science lingo and beasties, they will find a strange solution to a new Earth.

And her name is Margaret.


DEAD TREES 2 | Cover Reveal

***Cover Reveal***

Huge thanks to Claire Riley, Jerry Benns, Margie Colton, Ken Mooney, Jack Wallen & Becky Stephens. At points during this artistic project, all of you provided feedback, suggestions & encouragement! Thanks also to my sister, artist R.A. Newton, for her discerning eye- she’s the only person who realized I’d placed an element on backwards. Silly me.

I’m awfully glad that I decided the original mockup just wasn’t good enough. So- without further nonsense- here’s the official cover for DEAD TREES 2!

(look for the official chapter teaser for DT2 this weekend)
(add it to your Goodreads bookshelf:

Dead Trees 2 New Final Cover 2

Valentine’s Day 2014 EAT YOUR HEART OUT (instead of chocolate)

eat your heart out poster

Don’t forget to spend your day of love the right way- by hopping over to facebook and hitting the EAT YOUR HEART OUT event. 30 authors, 30+ books, almost all priced at 0.99 USD for one day only!

Among the authors are a few of my favorites (Including ME & my debut Dead Trees)! Notably- the super talented Claire C. Riley. Claire’s first novel Limerence, is a dark paranormal romance and has strong elements of psychological horror.

Claire has tried to go back to basics with her writing, incorporating an old school style of horror and romance. Sexy and dark. (Think Bram Stokers Dracula, and George R Romero, but for the 21st century!)

She’s also published the rocking ODIUM- get ready to encounter zombies in a fresh new way. Odium released October 4th 2013. A short prequel to Odium called Life Ever After, was released in an anthology entitled Fusion, along with some other amazing Indie authors on the 31st August 2013.

When you’re done with Odium and Life Ever After, I know you’ll want to buy Odium Origins. A Dead Saga novella. Trust me when I say that it will keep you reading; you literally won’t be able to put it down!

She is also working on the sequel to Limerence, which is creatively (?) named Limerence II: Mia, the sequel to Odium, a standalone romantic horror book tentatively named Chance Encounters and a hundred and one creepy stories. All will be released from January 2014 onwards, so keep your eyes peeled for more work.


These are the 30 authors in this extravaganza.


ELI CONSTANT- Dead Trees | Rachel Aukes-100 Days in Deadland  | A. Carina Barry-The Under-Circus and Other Tales | Owen Baillie-Aftermath (Invasion of the Dead, Book 1) | Jake Bible: Z-Burbia | Tonia Brown-Devouring Milo | Jason Christie-Zombie Killa | Joseph A. Coley-Six Feet From Hell: Crisis | Ricky Cooper-Designated Infected | Katie Cord-Stamps, Vamps, & Tramps | Craig DiLouie-The Retreat, Episode #1: Pandemic | Jackie Druga-Zombie Battle: Complete (5 books) | Dan Eagles-The Last Venture Capitalist | Kurt Fawver-Forever, In Pieces | Sarah Lyons Fleming-Until the End of the World | Rhiannon Frater-The Untold Tales Omnibus: Zombie Stories From the As The World Dies Universe (3 volumes) | Michael S Gardner-Downfall | Josh Hilden-The Shores of the Dead Book 1: The Rising | Michelle Kilmer-When the Dead & The Spread (2 books) | Eloise J. Knapp-Pulse | Sb Knight-Game of Straws, Game of Straws Origins, and Volume One of the Saga of Straws (trilogy) | Timothy Long-At the Behest of the Dead | Keith Milstead-Fish To Die For | Ripley Patton-Ghost Hold | Claire C. Riley-Odium: The Dead Saga | Damir Salkovic-The Black Ziggurat Double Feature | Randy Spears-Forget the Alamo: A Zombie Novella | Rachel Tsoumbakos-Emeline and the Mutants | Jack Wallen-I Zombie I | Darren Wearmouth-First Activation

LOVE the finished cover for the V Foundation Charity Anthology. So glad I had an opportunity to be a part of this! Please, check out the website: All proceeds from the Charity Anthology: “Let’s Scare Cancer to Death” benefit the V Foundation. Keep an eye on May December Publications (facebook: for release information!