“Mastic” $0.99 3-Day Sale Celebration

To celebrate ALL OF MY CURRENTLY PUBLISHED BOOKS FINDING AWESOME NARRATORS TO PRODUCE AUDIO BOOKS, I’ll be placing “Mastic” on a promotional 3-day sale of $0.99 starting tomorrow and ending Sunday at midnight!


Here’s the blurb:

“When the body of supermodel Harmony Phelps turns up in Morgantown, WV, Detective Mark Faulkner and Assistant Medical Examiner Renee Forst are sent on a downward spiral of unreality.

A year before the body’s appearance, Kat Forst sees a vision of her own death. Now, the dream that haunts her with every sleep both frightens and intrigues her. Each night, she enters a bathroom; each night, three men test her resolve; each night, Kat finds herself drawn closer to the man decorated with swirling, glittering patterns of coral stone.

Drugged and abducted by the Mastichoria of Chios, controllers of a mythical spice, Kat will confront the truth of her vision- the reality of her bloody fate. And the coral man within her dreams is real- Mikolas, the seducer. She tries to fight him, but his will is stronger; his desire is stronger. To Kat, the magic within her blood is a curse. To Mikolas, her blood means salvation.

Across the daunting oceans, Mark and Renee pursue Kat. Time and destiny are against them.”

(also find it on amazon.co.uk and other retailers)


Huge thanks to the talented Pamela Lorence (narrator for Dead Trees & Mastic | www.plorence.com ) & the dreamy-voiced Jason Brenizer (narrator for DRAG.N and its upcoming companion stories | www.jasonbrenizer.com), for signing on to produce the audio versions of my books! Image