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Delve into world of the undead

(Below, are excerpts from a 2013 expose on Jackie Chin’s show, Zombiepalooza. To read the article in its entirety, please click the link above. Once you understand why the show exists, you’ll find it hard not to support Zombiepalooza and keep it on the air!)


The show has a very personal reason for existing: “It was the terrors of the real world that brought Chin to the radio. She started Zombiepalooza as an instrument to help her husband, Ken Chin, overcome post-traumatic stress from a dog attack in which he was severely injured.”

            Jackie says this of the experience:

“[My husband] was no longer feeling capable of handling whatever life threw at him and this was beginning to worry me and the children,” Chin said. “So I began to think of a way to help him become more focused on something, anything positive.”


For Jackie, the show is about one thing- the guests & her listeners: “I have 250,000 listeners and the show to me is about the guests and what they bring to the show,” Chin said. “With my guests, I want to get their creativity out there, and on my show they get to promote themselves in a beautiful way. The reason why my show is so popular is because I listen to my guests and the passion for their book, film or product.”


Why does Jackie need support from folks like you? (read the reasoning as written from Zombiepalooza’s GoFundMe donation account- link is at the bottom of this section) Right now, corporate sponsorships are hard to come by, and the few which have, have wanted a hand on the helm. This would mean that Jackie would have to take control of the show from the AUDIENCE, you kind folks, and put it into the hands of someone who’s motives are unknown to us… and perhaps not in the best interests of the AUDIENCE.
      Jackie won’t have anything to do with selling you folks out because YOU are the reason for the show’s popularity.
      So now we’re forced to do something we never imagined we’d have to do …. as with public radio and television, in order for Jackie to maintain her neutrality and responsiveness to the AUDIENCE we need to ask for your help. We need donations to keep it running for the next year and for Jackie to be able to make it to the venues she’s been asked to carry the show to for live broadcasts. She’d also like to begin having contests with the ability to supply the prizes on a more timely basis rather than having the winners wait until we can get the prize out to them.”

Donate directly to keep Zombiepalooza on the air here:


Zombiepalooza airs every Friday from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. on, and Chin said her show delves into the subject of zombies in ways that no one can hear about anywhere else.


Save Zombiepalooza Teespring Campaign

     Zombiepalooza Radio is probably one of the most unique radio programs on or off the internet. Although most of the material is zombie themed the actual content is about the authors, actors, musicians, artists and the entire spectrum of entertainment venues this encompasses.
     If you’ve been a guest on Zombiepalooza, you know that they don’t do it for the money. They do it because they have a sincere desire to support the artistic community at large.
     They’ve helped so many of us gain exposure, all the while footing the entire cost of show production themselves. Let’s ‘get our zombies on’ and give a little back.


(photo above is actual tee design (but not actual tee size…))


Valentine’s Day 2014 EAT YOUR HEART OUT (instead of chocolate)

eat your heart out poster

Don’t forget to spend your day of love the right way- by hopping over to facebook and hitting the EAT YOUR HEART OUT event. 30 authors, 30+ books, almost all priced at 0.99 USD for one day only!

Among the authors are a few of my favorites (Including ME & my debut Dead Trees)! Notably- the super talented Claire C. Riley. Claire’s first novel Limerence, is a dark paranormal romance and has strong elements of psychological horror.

Claire has tried to go back to basics with her writing, incorporating an old school style of horror and romance. Sexy and dark. (Think Bram Stokers Dracula, and George R Romero, but for the 21st century!)

She’s also published the rocking ODIUM- get ready to encounter zombies in a fresh new way. Odium released October 4th 2013. A short prequel to Odium called Life Ever After, was released in an anthology entitled Fusion, along with some other amazing Indie authors on the 31st August 2013.

When you’re done with Odium and Life Ever After, I know you’ll want to buy Odium Origins. A Dead Saga novella. Trust me when I say that it will keep you reading; you literally won’t be able to put it down!

She is also working on the sequel to Limerence, which is creatively (?) named Limerence II: Mia, the sequel to Odium, a standalone romantic horror book tentatively named Chance Encounters and a hundred and one creepy stories. All will be released from January 2014 onwards, so keep your eyes peeled for more work.


These are the 30 authors in this extravaganza.


ELI CONSTANT- Dead Trees | Rachel Aukes-100 Days in Deadland  | A. Carina Barry-The Under-Circus and Other Tales | Owen Baillie-Aftermath (Invasion of the Dead, Book 1) | Jake Bible: Z-Burbia | Tonia Brown-Devouring Milo | Jason Christie-Zombie Killa | Joseph A. Coley-Six Feet From Hell: Crisis | Ricky Cooper-Designated Infected | Katie Cord-Stamps, Vamps, & Tramps | Craig DiLouie-The Retreat, Episode #1: Pandemic | Jackie Druga-Zombie Battle: Complete (5 books) | Dan Eagles-The Last Venture Capitalist | Kurt Fawver-Forever, In Pieces | Sarah Lyons Fleming-Until the End of the World | Rhiannon Frater-The Untold Tales Omnibus: Zombie Stories From the As The World Dies Universe (3 volumes) | Michael S Gardner-Downfall | Josh Hilden-The Shores of the Dead Book 1: The Rising | Michelle Kilmer-When the Dead & The Spread (2 books) | Eloise J. Knapp-Pulse | Sb Knight-Game of Straws, Game of Straws Origins, and Volume One of the Saga of Straws (trilogy) | Timothy Long-At the Behest of the Dead | Keith Milstead-Fish To Die For | Ripley Patton-Ghost Hold | Claire C. Riley-Odium: The Dead Saga | Damir Salkovic-The Black Ziggurat Double Feature | Randy Spears-Forget the Alamo: A Zombie Novella | Rachel Tsoumbakos-Emeline and the Mutants | Jack Wallen-I Zombie I | Darren Wearmouth-First Activation